Marianna Musotto

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Marianna Musotto - Trumpeter

Marianna Musotto, born in Palermo on October 10, 1986, and already at the age of six, began studying the piano to further undertake the trumpet nine years later, at the age of fifteen.

Illustrated below are some of Marianna's accomplishments which paved her way in becoming a recognized European trumpeter.

- 2004, admitted to the class of Salvatore Piazza, the first trumpet of the Massimo theatre in Palermo.

- 2007, began to study privately in Rome with Andrea Lucchi, the first trumpet of the National Academy of Santa Cecilia. Under Andrea's guidance, she participated in the master classes of 2009/2010 of Messina.

- 2007, also attended an international master class held by the master Andrea Lucchi and Raoul Junquera (first trumpet Bilbao) in Valencia, Spain.

- 2010, participated in the international seminars of the Wiener Philharmoniker in Vienna.

- 2012, graduated from the "Antonio Scontrino di Trapani" Conservatory and was admitted for a two-year scholarship program which included a soloist and an orchestral program. Program instructed by Andrea Dell'Ira, first trumpet of the Florentine musical. 

- 2014, after completing her scholarship, she won the David di Donatello performing the music for Riz Ortolani.

- 2014, Marianna also passes an eliminatory phase for a second trumpet audition to the Radio France Orchestra.

- Marianna wrote for the July Musical Festival of Trapani in seasons 2014/2015/2016 for the following works: Carmen, Madama Butterfly, Turandot, Trovatore.

- 2015, won the audition for the Philharmonic of the Teatro Comunale di Bologna and performed Elektra of Strauss that same year. Following this event, Marianna took part in the Italian master classes of Gabor Tarkovi, first trumpet of the Berliner Philharmoniker. Studied with Mauro Maur the first trumpet of the Opera of Rome, and soloist of Ennio Morricone.

- 2015 and 2017, Marianna participates in two major international tours as the first trumpet, performing the world premiere of the opera Yong Le in China.

- 2016, Played in Chamber Trio, performing 19th-century French music.

- 2017, in February Marianna, was part of the cast as the first trumpet at the Verdi Orchestra in Milan. 

- 2018,  Marianna is invited to record the first album with Franco Mezzena, Italian virtuoso of the violin. (released in September).

- 2018, receives an invitation to hold a master class in Valencia.




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